Improve WordPress Website Internal link Structure

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Are you facing low traffic problems on your WordPress blog? If yes then there can be many things which you are doing wrong. One of them can be poor on-page and on-site SEO. you may need to improve WordPress website internal link structure.

The content was king, and content is still a king without good content on-page and on-site SEO things won’t work

Today we will discuss one important SEO factor that will improve your website’s overall SEO score and organic ranking

Internal linking is one of the most ignored SEO things by bloggers today we will see how you can improve WordPress website internal link structure using Yoast plugin

What is the role of internal linking in search engine optimization and what are its benefits

Links from one blog post to another blog post or one page to another page are known as internal linking. It helps search engines in crawling the pages of your website. It also helps less popular pages to drive traffic from our viral post or pages. overall it passes link juice from one page to another

For example, one of your posts/pages got the high-quality backlink from some other website and currently, it’s ranking high in the SERP. So, what you can do. You can link your few other blog pages to this high-ranking page. by this, you can pass on link juice to other pages that are not so strong in terms of backlink

We all know Wikipedia rank in search engine it’s a great example or of the solid internal linking structure

If you want to build an authority website, make sure you interlink all pages of your blog.

Tips and tricks to improve the WordPress website’s internal link structure.

When interlinking pages it should be contextually relevant to the article which should add value to the article. Use anchor text internal links like the related posts after the post. You can also put a popular post in the sidebar as they are the easiest way to add internal links to a webpage. you can use a WordPress plugin for quick internal linking.

For example, Take inspiration from Wikipedia on how they interlink. You can link 8-10 internal link in 1500 words the article. This is just for idea. In actual there is no limit for internal linking as long as your links are useful and contextual to topic

Also, You can add internal links when writing or later when proofreading. It’s up to you. A plugin like Yoast can also help you in this but this feature is in the paid version. It’s called “Yoast internal link”. It automatically suggests which word in your article can be linked to other post from your website

This plugin can save plenty of time and this is a great feature, however, this feature comes in Yoast paid version if you don’t want to purchase paid version of Yoast you can try RankMath another great plugin for SEO. they provide many Yoast premium features for free. this plugin has the potential to beat the Yoast plugin in the coming time.  these two are best internal linking plugin however there are many manual and automatic linking suggest plugin in WordPress plugin repository.

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