Top AI Content Detector Tools in 2023

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AI content detector tool is a must-have tool nowadays if you are in the content creation business and hire content writers for your blog.

When you hire a freelance content writer to write content for you, they may write content with ai content writing tools.

AI content detection tool is must have tool if you are a webmaster, buying a website, a school or college

These days, there is a lot of AI-based content writing Tools are available.

Many freelance writers use these tools to write content and make money without putting effort into writing.

Using AI tools, content writers decrease the effort that goes into creating unique content.

AI content is unique, but Google And other search engines do not like it. This type of AI-created content is bad for your website’s SEO.

Just like the Plagiarism Checker tool these days, AI content detector tools are also available

In this article, we will list the top AI content detector tools. You can use to detect AI-created content using these tools

Best AI Content detector tool in 2023 | Top AI content detector tools

1. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is one of the best AI content detector tool that is available right now in the market.

It is a must-have tool if you hire content writers for your content. Not only can you check AI-written content, but it can also detect plagiarism

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Originality.AI can detect AI content even If the content is created using GPT3, GPT 3.5 and chatGTP.

It can easily see content written by GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO, and GPT- AI tools.

Its accuracy is also over 90%. This tool is also not very expensive.

If you are a web publisher, this tool is best for you. This tool provides various features like complete site scanning, team management, auto-billing, managing multiple sites like features

Originality.AI is easy to use, and the pricing mode of this service is also very affordable

It is one of the few AI content detector tool in the market that can detect GPT 3.5 written content

However, It only supports English and only shows a percentage and no in-depth results. It shows a sliding scale from 0 -100; more AI score means the possibility of AI-generated content

there is no free trial, but when you install the chrome extension, you get ten free credits for installing the chrome extension

This tool costs $0.01 per 100 words; it is equal to one credit on the site

So for one credit, you can scan 100 words

  • $20- 2000 credits
  • $50 – 5000 credits

Key features

  • The most prominent feature is Ai content detection
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Chrome extension
  • Full site scanning
  • Multiple team members can use one account

2. content at scale

content at scale is another AI content detector tool.

This tool is not by tool developers or software company. SEO content marketers are behind this tool; they know the business.

As SEO content marketers, they know how to rank in search engines. Other than content detection, you can produce blog posts in just 5 minutes by putting your keywords.

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It produces content like human writers that can easily pass any AI tool detector

It offers three plans right now starter plan costs around $500. In the starter plan, you can write 20 posts of 1400 words each per month

In just one click, you can write SEO-optimized and high-quality blog post

Key features

  • Easy to use
  • Ai content detector
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Post editor and intuitive dashboard
  • Fast-write content in a few minutes
  • Creates content that reads like a human
  • Auto post to WordPress
  • White-label tools for developers

3. is another AI content detector tool that you can use to detect AI content. You can try this tool for free as it is free to try; you can start a free 14-day trial.

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It has an AI system that is similar to open AI GPT 3 is mainly a writing assistant tool just like Grammarly; it also provides AI content detection tools

The plan starts from $18 per month for five members

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Key feature

  • Automated content generation
  • The whole team can use one account
  • AI content detection chat GPT-3
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Cowrite feature helps to work together on content
  • Integration for word, chrome, outlook, Google doc


Gaint language model test room, which MIT-IBM created, is another tool that you can use to check your content for AI content

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It uses forensic analysis of text to check the content. It is a totally free tool

However, it is not a practical tool as it is only trained on GPT-2. It is more of an academic tool that is for research. But maybe in the future, they may upgrade this tool to GPT-3.5

5. Copyleaks AI

Copyleaks AI is another great AI content detection tool. It can easily detect content, whether a person or an AI wrote it.

It is a tool that provides plagiarism checks and AI content detection.

It also has a google chrome extension which you can download from the google web store

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It has deep web scanning capabilities that can check any content accurately. It is powered by Artificial intelligence that can scan documents, code, text, and URLs to detect plagiarism.

It performs comprehensive checks from trillions of content sources across the internet

You get an interactive, in-depth report of each scan

Key features

  • AI content detector
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Chrome extension
  • Learning management system
  • Code plagiarism checker, code leaks
  • AI grader

6. Hugging face

Hugging face is home to machine learning that more than 5000 organizations use, like Google, Intel, Microsoft, and grammarly

It is an open-source AI community, the home of machine learning. Where any community member can create, collaborate and discover machine learning

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This platform also has an AI content detector tool. It is a totally free tool; however, at the time of writing this article, it can only detect AI-written content from GPT-2 not beyond

You can easily check the authenticity of your content using this free tool

7. GPT Zero

A student at Princeton University made this tool. This even detects content written by ChatGPT

This tool uses burstiness and perplexity in writing to detect if it is AI or human-written content.

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When humans write content, it has more burstiness, while AI-written content is uniform and consistent

GPT zero classic version is free and accessible to anyone

What is needed of these AI content detection tools, and who needs it

Almost anyone who deals with unique and human-created text content needs these AI content detection tools.

After Chat GPT free Ai chat bot is freely available to everyone; even school colleges also require these tools to check student’s work

Schools, Web admins, anyone buying websites, and content agencies also require these AI content detection tools.

  • Website buyers

People buying already ranked sites from marketplaces like Flipa and Empireflippers must check content on the site for plagiarism and AI-written content.

It is common these days; many bloggers are using AI content writing tools for writing their posts, so as a website buyer, you must check and future-proof your website before buying

  • Content marketers

A content marketer or a content agency usually has to hire a freelance content writer. You must check content given by your hired freelancer for plagiarism, and AI-generated content

  • Bloggers or webmasters

As a blogger or webmaster, you buy content or get guest posts from others for your website. You must check this content for plagiarism and AI content before posting it on your blog

Can google detect AI written

Yes, google can detect AI-written content. Google regularly updates its algorithm.

So if you are using AI-generated content, then you are at risk of getting flagged by google search engines. Why take a chance

Even if, right now, Google algorithms are not intelligent enough to catch AI-generated content in the future, it may be, so we suggest you not take a chance and keep creating genuine content

AI writing has patterns, and it takes references from existing content on the web; however, the content is mostly unique, but it is AI generated

AI content writing tools take existing available information from the Internet and make content out of it

As everything has its pros and cons AI written content also has some advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of AI written content

  • Saves time as you do not have to write content
  • Save money as you do not have to hire any content writer
  • Helps in drafting the basic content
  • AI now works and supports many languages
  • Ai technology is getting more and more advance and accurate

Disadvantage of AI written content

  • It might not be accurate
  • Chance of getting flagged by google
  • Editing by a human is required
  • Lacks personalization and creativity
  • Possibility of plagiarism
  • Can not generate new ideas

Limitations of AI detection tools

AI content writing tools are evolving very fast, and it is not so with AI content detection tools. Most AI content detection tools can only detect old technology; only a few can detect content from GPT-3.5 or ChatGPT

Only one or two AI content detection tools can detect content from GPT-3 or ChatGPT AI writers.

Also, these AI content detection tools are not 100% accurate, so do not wholly rely on these tools solely

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