11 Top Free Business Name Generators in 2023

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Why Business Name Generators

Before starting the list of Best free business name generators, let’s discuss why we need them.

so If you are a budding entrepreneur and have yet to start a business on your own, you must be having a hard time naming it.

For most people, finding a name for a business startup is quite easy; however, it can prove to be a hefty task for the rest.

Contrary to this, a name is essential in building a fortune from an idea.

Once named, it will be the primary identification for the rest of your life. Also, a name has a lot of impact and influence on people’s minds.

It reflects the status and the sophistication of the business and the idea.

Thus, we need the top best free business name generator tools to do the work for us.

What Are The Importance Of A Business Name?

A business name represents the idea of what you are presenting.

Every application, form, card, and the official document will carry the business name.

It does not matter whether it is for legal or illegal verification. Any legal proceeding will be incomplete without the use of the business name.

You can apply for insurance only from a well-named business.

A business name helps you get a business license, which remains permanent.

Banks generally grant any loan for business purposes by your business name.

Nowadays, businessperson often creates web pages for business with their business names.

What Are The Top Free Business Name Generators?

1. Businessnameguide

Business name guide offers an easy way of generating business names.

It is not restricted to only business. It can also generate website, App names and names for developing software.

word image 1248 1

Anadea is very popular, and a vast number of people use it every day.

It is effortless to use and needs the input of only a few keywords. This online free business name generator is developed by Anadea software development company

2. Wordlab Business Name Generator

So How many names can you think of for your startup? Is it in tens or hundreds?

Well, the Wordlab business name generator stains the best business name among seven million names.

The search list of Wordlab is excellent. An innumerable business person is using the free version.

Wordlab _ Top Free Business Name Generators

The paid version comes with flattering additional features.

You can also get help from real-time business people using the application. You can post a query and take suggestions from the forum.

3. Dot-O-Mator Name Generator

Next on our list of free business name generators is Dot-O-Mator. It is one of the best business name generator tools available online.

Dot-O-Mator has innumerable users who surf and take help on a daily basis.

Dot-o-mator_ Domain Name Generator

It gives real-time analysis reports.

Dot-O-Mator produces a real-time report of all the probable results.

This tool also allows you to check the availability of the name of your domain.

Dot-o-mator also has an app for iOS, which you can download from the apple app store

4. Business Name Generator (BNG)

BNG works by keywords. You need to input as a relevant keywords as you can.

It displays a list of all possible business names suitable for the keyword entered.

word image 1248 4

BNG also generates domain names relevant to your startup.

You can discover thousands of business name ideas using this business name generator

There is lots of information regarding branding on their homepage, which you must read

5. NameStation

Next on our list of free business name generators is NameStation.

NameStation is one of the best free business name generator tools available.

It is effortless to use. It requires you to input a few keywords.

word image 1248 5

NameStation provides a list of suitable business names right away.

Besides, it also suggests possible synonymous words.

You can save the results by marking them as a favorite. Henceforth, start a new search with the same or different keyword.

If you do not need automated help, do not worry. Post your request on the community group with relevant keywords.

You can also hold a naming contest where contestants would suggest you unique create names for your business

The members often suggest accurate business names for help.

6. Shopify Business Name Generator

This is also a favorite business name generator tool.

Shopify name generator does not beat around the bush and remains specific to its purpose.

word image 1248 6

It requests you to add the details required.

Henceforth, it generates hundreds of names that match your business idea.

With suggested names, it also checks whether the domain name for the proposed name is available or not

You can get a suggestion in 10 seconds

7. businessnamegenerator.net

Next on our list of free business name generators is a Businessnamegenerator.net. As the name suggests, a Business name generator is popular because of the way it plays with words.

It requires several details and produces almost accurate results.

word image 1248 7

A business name generator does not produce mechanical names but plays with the word. It generates mushy ones if you want.

You may find it using some misspelled words, added suffixes, and prefixes. It makes the business names more tempting.

8. Naming.net

Naming.net is a favorite business name generator tool available online.

It comes with some unique features.

You need to input a few criteria to generate a business name. Based on that, Naming.net produces a maximum of 816 results.

FREE Naming - Naming.

The least number of results produced by Naming.net is 24.

You can input syllables or rhyming words. Besides, it also accepts Latin and Greek words.

9. Namelix

Namelix is a business name generator that is AI-powered. You can generate unique, brandable business names with the help of this tool.

Namelix generates catch and short names you can filter results. There are various filters available

So if you are looking for unique, brandable names, you should try Namelix

word image 1248 9

It keeps on suggesting possible names right when you type the keywords.

Besides business names, it also suggests app names or domain names.

Brandmark.io powers Namelix

10. NetSubstance.com Brand Name Generator

It has a percentage box where you can manually correct the results.

You can also decide the number of vowels you want in the business name.

word image 1248 10

Besides, you can regulate the maximum number of words and use prefixes.

Through NetSubstance.com, you can generate new business names online.

The feature of shifting alphabets in the keyword given makes it way more innovative than the rest.

So No matter how big your business idea is, you can anytime need help in generating a business name.

11. Looka

Looks is another excellent business name generator you can use to generate business names. Looka is also an AI-powered business name generator.

word image 1248 11

You can also design a logo using a looka logo design tool. It also has a drag-and-drop builder using which you can create your business logo


The online business name generator tools can do the more significant task for you. You will need to take various other steps after naming your business.

However, do not forget to select a domain name for marketing. If not convinced, do give them a try yourself.

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