18 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work In 2023

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Before going into deep detail about the best freelance websites to find work, let us get a clear idea about freelancing. Let us start by understanding what a freelancer is?

A freelancer is a self-employed person. A freelancer offers some service to the clients. At a time, he can give service to multiple clients.

The range of services provided is very vast. It covers a broad spectrum of services, from marketing to graphic designing to content writing.

The benefit of freelancing is that you can do the work or provide the service according to your suitability.

The money paid is often reasonable, and there is a tax exemption. So, freelancing is heaven for some independent workers.

There are endless numbers of freelancing sites on the internet, but you cannot trust all of them blindly.

Some may take undue advantage of your negligence. So, keep in mind the service providers’ interests, i.e., the freelancers.

We are here providing a list of some Best freelance websites to find freelancing work. Let us start the list:

18 best freelance websites to find work

1. Freelancer

In the list of Best freelance websites, the first website is freelancer.com. It is one of the famous and most used freelancing sites. According to them, they have more than 50 million registered freelancers to work.

The unique thing about this site is that it allows the contractor to see what a freelancer can do before signing a contract with the help of a contest.

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Here people from more than 180 countries have registered for work. The contractor and the Freelancer can negotiate the hourly rates for the job.

The fee charged by the Freelancer is nominal and just 3%. If you can pay a higher price of $19, you can save time as freelancer.com will search for the best candidate to meet your requirements.

For clients giving projects, the fee is nominal, but for the freelancers that work on the projects, the cost is very high.

A freelancer has to pay at least 10% of the total project price or Rs. 250, depending on which one is greater.

Freelancer contest fees and hourly project commission are also the same. However, the fee is raised to 20% if they hire someone to perform that service.

For the preferred Freelancer Program, the fee is 15%. Freelancer.com is also one of the best freelance websites for writers

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2. Fiverr

Next on the list of Best freelance websites is fiverr.com. The site is best for businesses with small and quick projects with a low budget. Fiverr provides smaller projects. It starts with a $5 Project called gigs.

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From making a power-point presentation to editing and proofreading any document, you can get anything done on Fiverr with a lower budget.

No other site other than Fiverr can allow you to get any service you want at a nominal price. You can ask for any assistance from voice-overs to reaching your customers personally.

If you are a graphic designer, Fiverr is one of the best freelance websites for graphic designers.

This site is a bit costlier than the others regarding the client fee charges. It charges 5% as a client fee, much higher than other platform charges.

Other famous marketplaces charge somewhere between 0 to 3.5%. For an order that costs $20 or lesser, the fee is $1 fixed.

The process of registration on Fiverr is not cumbersome. One can register directly with a Facebook or Google account. Like other sites, the buyer’s money goes into an escrow account.

One can know the performance of a freelancer with the help of the star ratings given to each Freelancer. Fiverr uses two systems to rate any freelancer: numeric and star.

The more is the score and the star, the more trustworthy a freelancer is. You can even know the number of clients working with a freelancer.


Next on the list of Best freelance websites is upwork.com. Upwork has excellent customer support. It has more positive reviews than its competitors, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

Upwork evolved as a result of oDesk and eLance merging. Upwork does not get many hitches in the initial stages.

As odesk and elance both were market leaders at the time of the merger. It is one of the best freelance work websites

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The client fee charged by Upwork is lower than the other sites and is just 2.75%. If your budget is big, say more than $900 a month as a buyer, there is an option for you, pay only $25 for a month.

Many have applauded the Upwork Pro membership features. The buyers at $14.99 only can grab this feature.

This helps the buyer get the best freelancers to do the job for you and eases the searching process for the best freelancers.

The money is released only when the project milestone is complete for the work done. Both the employer and employee can feel safe working.

The milestone needs to be approved to get funds. On Upwork, a freelancer can get the work hourly or on a fixed-rate contract.

The tools like time tracker, mobile app, etc., help keep the employer in continuous touch with the Freelancer.

A freelancer needs to pay a fee of 20% of the total project price. If any project is billed higher than $500, a fee of 10% is deducted.

Moreover, if the bill exceeds the $10,000 fee, a fee of 5% is deducted.

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4. Guru

Guru.com is next on the list of Best freelance websites. This is one of the oldest sites for freelancing jobs. As the oldest, it has a massive database of local vendors.

It even charges the lowest fee across all the sites except Giggrabbers. Signing up on Guru is free, and the client fee is nominal at just 2.5% per order. However, you get a rebate if you pay via e-check or wire transfer. For its escrow account, it uses SafePay.

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Once an employee makes the payment, Guru provides them with a list of freelancers. The customer can choose any one from them. However, the employee must be open to negotiation with the Freelancer (if any need arises).

Though the site is good for providing hourly or contractual projects, it is also lagging behind the others because of various reasons like not so interactive interface, the absence of any mobile app, etc.

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5. Giggrabbers

Gigagrabbers.com is next on the list of Best freelance websites. Gigagrabbers is heaven for employers as it doesn’t charge any fee from the employers.

It is the Freelancer who pays the fee. It is costlier for the freelancers, as they have to pay a 9.5% fee for the service they provide to the Giggrabbers.

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This is the platform that uses the concept of crowdfunding for projects. For a $49.95 fee, Giggarabber can find the right Freelancer for the type of project one posts.

One can search for a freelancer on the Giggrabber by keyword, job type, category, or location.

6. Peopleperhour

peopleperhour.com is next on the list of Best freelance websites.  Peopleperhour allows the employer to choose the Freelancer based on the contest result.

You can also get project-based work here. The much-talked-about feature of the Peopleperhour is ‘workstream’.

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This feature allows the contractor or employer to track the progress of their work online. This site is best used by those who want to continuously manage their work online and directly from the website.

Like other sites, it uses the 5 –star rating system to know the Freelancer’s performance.

The distinguishing feature of the Peopleperhour is that it favours the Freelancer by making it mandatory for the employer to make a down payment to the Freelancer at the start of the work. The fee charged by the Peopleperhour is 3.5%, which is a bit higher than the other similar sites.

7. Toptal

Topal.com is next on the list of Best freelance websites. This website is meant more for technical freelancing projects. This is not an easy site to work with. The screening process at this site is very tough.

Your technical knowledge, English Knowledge, writing skills, etc., are tested very seriously.

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The site suggests they give entry to only 3% of the applicants. Toptal’s community gatherings and technological events are significant assets for technical circles. There is no real-world office of the Toptal.

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8. Simply Hired

This is not a specialized site like Toptal. It provides work across all the fields.

It provides work support in about 12 languages. Here, the projects can easily search by the type of work or location.

There is work for every type of worker, whether he is a salesman or an architect. The site has the widest variety of projects.

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If you look at its database seriously, you will find that it has more than 5 lakh employers in about 24 countries. There are more than 900 different occupations listed in its occupation support list.

9. College Recruiter

As the name suggests, this site aims to procure college students and pass-outs for the work that must be done.

College students love this site as it gives them the best part-time opportunities.

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Some have even made their career by working on this site. There are ample of part-time gigs for them a wide range of projects as per activities of their interest.

10. 99 Designs

99designs.com is next on the list of Best freelance websites. As the name suggests, this freelancing site is for people inclined to design.

99design is the best freelance website for graphic designers. From packaging design, book cover design, and T-shirt design to web designing and advertisement designing, this site provides all kinds of freelance designing projects.

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This site also places the contests to choose the winner.

The client first outlines all the requirements for the design.

Then the designers from across the world participate in the contest to design something as specified.

Once they succeed in impressing the client, they can quickly get the project.

11. DeisgnHill

Designhill.com is next on the list of Best freelance websites. As the name suggests, the site specializes in giving design aid to clients.

The major plus point of this site is that it allows its client to give real-time feedback so that the design work does not get haywire at any stage.

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It helps the designers also. They understand the work better and can work efficiently. Freelancers use the portfolio section of the site to show their skills.

12. Craigslist

The name is directly related to a famous site for buying and selling household items. Only a few people know they can use this website to search for some freelancing work.

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You can easily search for some local office work or remote work by just making a search for it in its browser.

However, one must carefully decide before selecting a client or freelancer worker.

This is because it doesn’t hold any escrow account for the work, and there is no clear selection procedure for the client and the worker.

13. We Work Remotely

This is a site that makes searching for a remote job easy. The site is known to provide great web projects. If you are a designer, web developer, or a marketer,

you can search for some good/better freelancing projects here.

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You can even post a new project if you need help with your work. This platform is suitable to be used by both: a student and an expert in the field.

14. Freelance Writing Gigs

This is a specialized site for providing freelance writing works. People from various fields can use this site.

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Though it doesn’t provide them with the opportunity to try their expertise, it helps to write with the help of the expertise they have got. It provides all types of freelance writing works, from editing and blogging to publishing.

15. FlexJobs

This website is somewhat different from other freelancing sites in that instead of charging the job givers; the site charges the job seekers.

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The website demands the Freelancer pay to the platform to access thousands of job listings matching their skills.

16. LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn is not a new name. It links professionals with each other.

It is a trusted resource in the market.

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As it is full of professional profiles, it has decided to use it to make an entry into the freelance world. Now with LinkedIn ProFinder, it helps the professionals interested in some freelance work to make a gig.

17. Remote

On this site, the clients make the job request to the freelancers with the required skill set. From the job request, freelancers can choose the client they want to work with or contract with.

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The payment process is through the platform only. As there is a review system for the works done, it helps the Freelancers build a great profile.


This site’s primary users are companies searching for a person with a particular skill set. There are thousands of jobs, profiles, and portfolios on this platform.

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The portfolios and profiles show the experience level of the Freelancer extensively. It provides an intuitive search function based on the job board and portfolio host. Its portfolio-building tool helps to make the portfolio look even better.

So these are the top 18 freelance websites to find work. Do you know any other site? If yes, please do share it with us

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