Top 14 Best Traffic Exchange Sites For Free Traffic 2022

best traffic exchange sites
best traffic exchange sites

What is a traffic exchange sites

Traffic exchange is a service where you can easily exchange website hits. It’s a type of membership website where users “A” can visit other members’ websites. In return, other members of a site visit user “A” website.

You can visit other people’s websites, and other members of the exchange network will visit yours. We have grouped some of the top Best Traffic Exchange Sites for you that are worth checking out.

Basically, the traffic exchange websites have two types: the first is the manual traffic exchange, where you will have to click on the sites to visit manually. Whereas some of them are auto surf websites where you just have to click on the main page, sit back and relax. We will be checking out the best traffic exchange sites — auto surf as well as manual.

Some terms and features to look at

  • Auto surf

Here, you will just have to open the traffic exchange website once. It will automatically visit all the available sites.

Autosurf uses a bot with the help of software it browses for you. You can easily get credits with the help of this software.

You need not to do anything; software that runs a bot can work in the background and Surf for you.

  • Manual

Here, you will have to click on each website manually and see the website. Everyone likes manual traffic as bot traffic is fake and less likely to convert or any other call to action.

In this type of manual traffic exchange use of captcha verification is common to restrict bots, which make these exchanges reliable and practical

  • Exchange ratio

You might see the ratio as 1:1 or 2:1. The ratio is for the exchange websites and the points you have earned.

In other words, for a 1:1 ratio, you get 1 point for each website you visit. Whereas for the 2:1, you will have to visit two websites in order to get 1 point.

The points may differ from website to website, but here we have taken that 1 point is equal to 1 visit. Therefore, you should choose a website that has a 1:1 exchange ratio.

  • White label

Here, the visits are anonymous. You can add Google or other social media. Google Analytics will show the traffic is coming from that particular website, and no one will know you are using the traffic exchange system.

Things to consider

There are several things that you need to consider while you are using any of the best traffic exchange websites; here are a few of them

  • Your Adsense or other accounts might get blocked, or you might lose the account. You should be careful about that.
  • Most of the people who will visit your website have totally no interest in buying from you. They are only visiting your website so that they would get the visitors in return
  • The auto surf traffic is totally worthless as most people will run some software in the background or open the tab and keep it to earn traffic. They won’t buy anything from you.
  • Even if you manage to set the categories, you will still get half of the people who are not all interested in your product or service.
  • The bounce rate of your website might increase a lot. None of the visitors who will visit your website will open any other page other than what you have added.
  • Moreover, last but not least, there is a chance that if Google finds out that you are using any of such methods to earn the traffic. They might penalize your website or completely deindex your website. You can’t control it. It is totally up to Google what they want to do if they find out.

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Should you use the best traffic exchange sites?

Now, you might think if there are these many disadvantages, there might be some of the advantages. Yes, there are.

  • You will get a massive amount of traffic
  • Some of the people might know you by the brand if you go with the manual option.
  • It is good for SEO and will increase the overall credibility of the website.
  • Also, if you go with the social exchange, you might earn some social shares. This will help you a lot in bringing your website up in the search engines.
  • You can refer people and earn free credits.
  • Moreover, you can even sell traffic if you want, as many people are looking for easy traffic. (Applies only for the white labels traffic exchanges)

So, it is totally up to you for which purpose you want to use. For the new websites that don’t have traffic and none of the ads are published on the website. You can use these to gain some popularity at first. Later on, you can go with the genuine ways to find some of the websites.

Now, let’s come to the top-list, where you can find some of the handpicked traffic exchange websites for you. You can register on more than one of them to get more traffic and views.

14 Best Traffic Exchange Sites 2022

#1 Easyhits4u

The #1 Best Traffic Exchange Sites with manual surfing is Easyhits4u. They have a 20 seconds 1:1 timer for all the free websites. In other words, you will have to check a website for 20 seconds to earn the points. For every site, you visit you will get one visitor. You can also purchase views if you are in a hurry

You can add 15 links in a free membership to get traffic as per the points you have spent.

word image 7

If you want less timer and more points, you will have to upgrade to a paid version of the website. The premium version starts from $7.95 per month.

You will get some discount if you go with the 3, 6 or 12 months payment. This is one of the best manual traffic exchange sites.

Main features

  • 1:1 exchange ration
  • 20-second timer
  • Geo-targeting
  • Referral program

Signup here- easyhits4u

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#2. CustomHits

The best all-round traffic exchange, CustomHits has something for everyone! Easy to drive traffic, all hits are high quality, direct views which is perfect for SEO, selling the traffic or general marketing. Completely free to join and has some amazing core features.

1 scaled

Just leave CustomHits open, forget about it and earn thousands of hits!

Core Features:

  •     Free forever (Upgrade plans available)
  •     High Quality White label Direct traffic (Hide traffic source – Best for SEO)
  •     Geo-targeting & Gender-targeting
  •     Unlimited traffic, unlimited pages
  •     Safe, secure surfing (All links verified against multiple safe web APIs)
  •     Dedicated auto-surf browser
  •     Referral program paying 20% recurring commission for life!

Signup here – CustomHits

#3. 10k hits

Are you looking for the best traffic exchange websites for selling traffic? For you people, 10khits is one of the best traffic exchange sites that you can register.

The only reason why this is the best is that you can hide the traffic source. In other words, you can show that the traffic is coming from Google or any of the social media sites.

word image 8

Therefore, if you are selling traffic, you should take a look at this website. They have a free plan, whereas the paid plan starts at $10 a month.

You can choose according to your requirements. They have great support, and also there are many articles available on SEO that you can utilize.

Signup here- 10k hits

#4. Otohits

If you are looking for the best traffic exchange sites with auto surf as their feature, you can choose Otohits. They have an auto surfing feature, and the engine is up 24 x 7. You can use the traffic exchange system any time you want and exchange the hits.

word image 10

Moreover, they have a security feature that only lets users create one account from one IP address. In this way, you will get unique visitors.

Also, they have a dynamic timer ranging from 10 seconds to 600 seconds. Moreover, the best feature that I personally like is the bounce rate optimizer. Here, the visitor will get extra points for clicking on the page.

Sign up here- otohits

#5. Rankboostup

Rankboostup is another auto surf best traffic exchange site that you can use. They have a unique user interface with clean, easy-to-use functions.

They have a white-label solution for the people who are selling traffic.

word image 11

You can add the organic keywords, and it will look like traffic is coming from a particular keyword. Moreover, you can control the duration of each visit.

It is one of the perfect solutions if you want to sell the traffic and wants a complete anonymous white label solution.

Main features

  • White label traffic
  • Mobile Users
  • Geo-targeting
  • Lower bounce rate
  • You can rank on organic keywords
  • Choose visitor duration as you want
  • 24×7 support
  • Dedicated auto-surf browser
  • No limit to traffic

Signup:- rankboostup

#6. TrafficG

TrafficG is next in the list of best traffic exchange sites. You can take a look at it if you are looking for free visits. As soon as you register on the website, you get certain credits for free. You can use the credits to get views on your website.

word image 12

Some people might not like the web site’s user interface as it is a classic and simple theme. However, the features say it all. You can get a 1:1 exchange ratio, and you can also buy traffic from them from as low as $7, which is far more affordable than other websites out there.

 Main features

  • 1:1 exchange ratio
  • Geo-targeting
  • 100% free to join & use
  • 1000 free banner impression on signup
  • 10 free visitor credit
  • 5 level reward program
  • Free listing on traffic directory

Signup:- TrafficG

#7. Hit2hit

If you want more quality traffic and want the people to see which web page they are clicking on, you should try Hit2hit. It is a manual traffic exchange website with all the features you need to get started with the traffic exchange.

word image 13

Here, you are clicking on the links manually, so it might take a few minutes more to earn the credits and get the traffic. This is the main reason why most of the people auto surf the best traffic exchange system.

Signup:- Hit2hit

#8. StartXchange

StartXchange is another useful exchange system that you can utilize, as they have a 2:1 surfing ratio. You can just visit other people’s websites to earn some credits and use the credits to earn traffic to your website. The website is focused only on social traffic exchange.

word image 14

They have an ads rotation feature and gives the best traffic exchange ads. You can choose between banners, ads, or any other. The registration is free; however, just like every other traffic exchange, you will have to earn some points to add your website in the exchange system.

Main features

  • 2:1 surfing ratio
  • Free Ad tracking & rotator function
  • 6-second surf bar timer
  • Dynamic surfing
  • 100 sites visit provides 250 credit

Signup- startxchange

#9. Hitlink

If you still haven’t found any of the best traffic exchange software, you can take a look at Hitlink.  The site works best for social traffic as well as for branding purposes. Many people are using traffic exchange websites only for traffic purposes.

word image 15

They have a timer where you can select the duration of the time you want.

Moreover, this will help you to increase the Alexa rank. The website also provides the 1:1 exchange ratio with a free account. So, you can give it a try.


#10. Tezzers

The next website in our list of the best traffic exchange sites is Trezzers. They don’t have any fancy features but work well.

It works on a simple method where you will have to click on others’ websites. You will earn some points on each website you visit.

word image 16

You can redeem that point to get the views on your website. They don’t have more features, but you can use them and other best traffic exchange sites for CPM. In this way, you can easily get 1000 or more visits per day.

Signup:- Tezzers

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#11. Autowebsurf

It’s an auto-hits traffic exchange that can deliver traffic to any of your submitted pages. Most visitors from this website will hit from home IP address. view time is 10to 60 sec you can also hide autowebsuf referral URL. It can deliver unique hits.

word image 26

However, traffic credit is a little expensive when compared to its competitor site. Also, it does not provide geo-targeting. But still, it’s worth trying

Main features

  • Anonymous traffic- hide referrer
  • Low bounce rate
  • Real quality traffic
  • Customize view duration
  • Hourly traffic control
  • Different Ip sessions

Signup:- Autowebsurf

#12. Smiley traffic

This website has UI of 90’s website, and this is manual Surf, paid to click, and auto surf exchange. You can convert your credits into banner ads or for any other type of advertising.

word image 27

For free member surfing, ratios are 5:4, and surfing timing is 15-20 sec. It is more than a 13-year-old website. You c

an also manual Surf here and can make some money like they are giving 50 credits per 100 manual surfing website visits

Main feature

  • Surfing ration 5:4
  • Surfing timers -15 to 20 seconds

#13. Feeling Surf

It’s a free traffic exchange. As a user, you have to run a surfing application that automatically surfs the sites of other members of this exchange. Every visit you make, you will earn credit for that. Later you can buy visitors from this credit from this exchange. additionally, when you signup on this site, you will get 100 free hits

word image 28

You can customize your coming traffic. If you want anonymous, social, or organic traffic, you can choose that from here.

You can also select geo-target and traffic devices. Feeling Surf has a surfing app for windows, apple, and Linux. With feeling surf, you can also control visitor stay duration from 10 sec to 300 sec. If you don’t have time to earn traffic credits, you can instantly buy traffic from Feeling Surf

Main feature

  • Organic, anonymous & social traffic
  • Traffic from various devices
  • Geotargeting
  • Control visit duration 10-300 sec
  • Auto link clicks
  • 100 free hits on joining

#14. eBesucher

Ebesucher is a traffic exchange site; this site is for you if you want to get targeted website visits or earn some money by discovering the web. It is an auto-surf traffic exchange site. It offers three tools that are surf bar, email exchange & paid to click.

Similar to other traffic exchanges, you can earn credit and acquire traffic using them. When you sign up on this website, you will get the first 100 visitors for free.

word image 29

The email sending feature is unique that not every traffic exchange is providing. In mail exchanging, they will send a few emails to you with the latest trends and info. For these emails, you will get .8 to 4 points; you can later use these points for buying traffic from their site

Tips for using the best traffic exchange sites

Although there is not much to be said about the traffic exchange sites, you can still utilize these tips.

  • There are only a few traffic exchanges safe for Adsense. So, make sure you read the terms and conditions properly. We advise you not to traffic exchange if you are using AdSense.
  • Make sure you have added the landing page or the home page for the traffic websites. In this way, you might have some chance of people converting to your website.
  • You can register on multiple websites to earn more traffic and add more links. The best traffic exchange review is given above. You can select the one that you like the most.
  • Most people will go with auto surf websites; it is an excellent choice to go with.
  • If you are one of the people who are thinking, these websites don’t make customers; you are wrong here. There might be some chance of you getting a customer. Therefore, it is nothing wrong with adding the page here.
  • Don’t try to use any bot for any of these websites. As they will quickly catch you in no time and they will ban your account. Instead, you can just register on some auto surf traffic exchange and keep the tabs open.
  • Please note that some of the websites will give you more points. It would help if you choose from those websites to get more traffic.

Final words

To conclude, these are some of the best traffic exchange sites that you can take a look at. You can register on all of them to get the most traffic to your website. Make sure you have read all the advantages and disadvantages of the websites. If you got any other traffic exchange websites, comment on them below and tell us which one you will use.



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