12 Best Tumblr Alternatives to Express yourself

Blogging is the best way to share your thoughts, ideas, and every other thing in the form of text as well as media. Even if you compare the best blogging platform, Tumblr is the most unique platform on the internet. Whether it is about the simplicity and the ease of use of the network or because of the whole new short term approach to blogging. There is a huge fan base of Tumblr. If you are wondering if there are any of the similar platform available than you are at the right place. We have gathered the best Tumblr alternatives you can try.

List of 12 best tumblr alternatives

1 Medium

Medium comes first, being the best Tumblr alternative. It is a community sharing platform. You can share the content with millions of other users. It is a simple, mobile-friendly platform that allows you to post your content in the best effective way. If you focus more on quality, you can attract many users. Moreover, they have millions of daily visitors which can help you to grow easily. There are various famous categories you can post content on.


  • It has a Huge online community. Hence, your content can have a chance to be seen by any people
  • Additive and interesting platform for the writers, content creators and also for users



  • You don’t get blog specifically
  • They can use your content Royalty-free.


2 Blogger

Blogger is a Google-powered and one of best Tumblr alternatives you can use. It provides all the features of Blogging for free. With their simple yet effective editor, you can edit and publish content. Moreover, as it is a blogging platform there are various other features you can use such as seeing the detail of all visitors such as their country, device type, etc. Also, you ca

n change the theme and add widgets. Hence, Blogger comes second in our list.


  • It gives more features like template, widgets, stats, etc
  • It Simple to use and you can also set different templates
  • You get more control
  • You can also monetize Blogger blog to make money from it


  • Limited support is available
  • Updates are not released more often


3 WordPress.com

You probably have heard about this one. Don’t get confused between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. There is a lot of difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. However, here were are talking about the best Tumblr alternatives, so we will just the WordPress.com into our comparison. Moreover, You can add some widgets as well as add themes to make your WordPress blog more attractive. They also have a membership plan which gives you access to more themes, widget, and supports monetization.


  • First of all, you get more management options
  • You can set up themes, widgets and also see the analytics in details.


  • Limited amount of customization and theme options
  • You need to pay a fee for more customizations and themes


4 Ghost

Ghost is an open source blogging platform similar to Tumblr. It is one of the best alternatives for people who are serious about writing. It provides a simple User interface which is focused on content. Moreover, they provide you with the best editor to format your content in the best possible way. However, with the latest update Ghost doesn’t provided the free version anymore. You have to go for their pro version.


  • You get the best typing and management options
  • Real-time dashboard and stats reporting


  • Not fully developed
  • Above all, No free version available


5 HubPages

Hubpages users are most often called as Hubbers. It is one of the biggest platforms for blogging. This network is specially bult by keeping the whole focus in writing and creating the content. Hence, writers and authors love HubPages. Writers can write and share the content in the form of text or media. Moreover, you can monetize HubPages using ads. There are many writers on HubPages making money by writing and sharing their opinion.


  • You can rank easily
  • Free to use
  • You can monetize and make a good amount of money using ads and also by affiliate marketing programs.


  • The look and feel doesn’t feel good

6 Soup

For the poeple who want features and user interface almost like Tumblr, Soup is for you. Soup is a lightweight and simple micro-blogging platform which allows you to publish beautiful content with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can directly import your post from Facebook and various other social networking websites. Also, you can post your content with the help of E-mail.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Direct import from social media
  • Auto post via Email


  • You don’t get the look and feel you want


7 Wix

Although, Wix is a website builder but nowadays due to its versatility you can use it as a blogging platform also. Hence, this has its own rank in the comparison of best Tumblr alternatives. You probably have seen the ads for Wix and how it works. If not, Wix is a drag and drop website builder to create websites. You can edit the website directly from the front end and design it however you like. Although, for more features you need to upgrade to a pro version.


  • First of all, it has a Drag and drop builder to create websites on the go
  • You get themes as well as other customization options
  • Easy and simple to use


  • Limited features in the free version, you need to upgrade later on.
  • Wix branding can’t be removed


8 Typepad

Typepad is for the bloggers looking for a reliable and established platform. Many big companies use Typepad to host their blog. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it is not free. Although, being a paid alternative it does not have more scalability. For people who just want a platform to blog and price is not an issue for them, you can go with Typepad. Also, if you want other monetization options and want to scale it higher in near future, this platform is not recommended


  • Easy and established platform
  • Clean interface


  • No free version or trial version available
  • Above all, Even though it is premium, fewer extensions are available.


9 IM Creator

IMCreator is another website builder. More than 17M sites are build using IM Creator. For the people who are looking to extend the functionality in near future, you can go with IM Creator. You can create beautiful blogs with WYSIWYG builder. Moreover, The best reason you should use this is that you get the E-commerce functionality free of cost. Also, the blog made is SEO Friendly.


  • First of all, the benefit is E-commerce and Blogging functionality are for absolutely free
  • They have SEO friendly and responsive design


  • Limited themes are available


10 Posthaven

Posthaven allows you to create your blog for $5 a month. Although the price is high, the reason Posthaven comes into our list of best Tumblr alternatives is due to their Pledge. They have a promise saying they won’t disappear or shut down. In other words, as long as you pay you will get access to your blog. The ideas, memories, and content are safe with them. You get the self-hosted feature in the managed one. Hence, you can use these among the best Tumblr alternatives.


  • First of all, your blog will stay forever
  • $5 a month is a great offer as your blog is going to be there for a  lifetime


  • No free version is available for you to use
  • There are a limited amount of theme options, customization options, and also general options.


11 Mastodon

Mastodon is a decentralized social network. The main aim of the project is to give social network back on our hand by making it community-owned and ad-free. You can easily get started and be a part of this huge social community. Also, there are 1.6M people using Mastodon.


  • First of all, the biggest advantage is there are No ads.
  • Next, It is a decentralized social network and community owned social netwoking website
  • Above all, it is free to use.


  • Not scalable


12 Memosnag

Memosmag is yet another platform similar to Tumblr. Here you can create an unlimited collection of links, images, text etc. You can capture everything at just one click. Moreover, you can either save the content for yourself as a Memo while it also allows sharing content with others. Therefore, you can use this platform however you like.


  • Easy to get started
  • No limit on saving as well as on sharing content


  • Not perfectly what you are looking for.




To summarize, these were the best Tumblr alternatives you can try. All of these are unique on their own. Most of these are available for free, you can try them first and continue with them if you like it. You can revert back to Tumblr anytime you want. These platforms are worth checking out once cecause Some of them have unique features that even Tumblr does not have. If you don’t like after trying, you can always revert back to Tumblr, So, for you which of these best Tumblr alternatives is your favorite and why? Do tell us in the comment section.

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