Amazing facts about the Royal Enfield motorcycle  

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After Peugeot, it's one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the whole world. Even Harley Davidson & triumph started manufacturing after them

Royal Enfield launched their first motorcycle in 1901. It was a 239 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled motorcycle 

Royal Enfield is the only bike that the Indian army use

Royal Enfield exports motorcycles to more than 50 countries across the world like US, the UK, Southeast Asia, the middle east, Europe

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Royal Enfield is also called bullet because this company earlier was into rifle manufacturing. they manufactured rifles for the British army 

Royal Enfield in 90's used to manufacture diesel motorcycles named Taurus. This model stopped because of no demand in 2002

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Royal Enfield sale in India is more than Harley Davidson sales in all over the world

Royal Enfield used to manufacture 700 cc bikes but stopped production in the'70s because of no demand

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Royal Enfield classic 350 is the longest-running motorcycle model in the world

There is cannon is the royal Enfield logo. Its slogan is "made like a gun goes like a bullet."

The sidecar with a bullet you must have seen in the movie Sholay. It was launched during world war 1 to carry guns and jawan

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Royal Enfield was India's first four-stroke motorcycle which was launched in 1924