Jaipur is a nearly 300 years old city that is surrounded by Aravali hills; it has massive forts and palaces which have their own stories

Jaipur is designed in such a way that you can not get lost in Jaipur city

Jaipur city has a total of 8 gates: Ajmeri gate, Jorawar Singh gate, ghat gate, Samrat gate, new gate, Chandpole, Surajpole gate, and Sanganeri gate. It is believed that these gates protect Jaipur from calamities and invader

Jaipur has a second name, the pink city. In 1876 price of wales visited Jaipur. maharaja ram Singh painted every city building in pink color which was continued by people and is how Jaipur got its name

Jaipur is the first planned city in India; it was founded in Sawai jai Singh 2 in 1730. He took the help of leading architects of that time in planning Jaipur city 

Jawahar circle in Jaipur is the biggest circular park in Asia; its circumference is 1420M & diameter is 452 M

At the time of its manufacture in 1720  Jaipur has the biggest cannon on wheel 

Jaipur has two Unesco world heritage sites; one is Jantra Mantra other one is Amer fort 

It is a prominent center of gemstones, especially emeralds. It is a hub of cutting trading and gemstone manufacturing

There are only 6 Egyptian mummies in India, one in the Jaipur Albert hall museum. Mummy is 2500 years old and is a teenage girl named tutu

Jaipur still has a maharaja. Padmanabh Singh, who is the eldest son of Diya kumari, is currently the maharaja of Jaipur and lives in Sujan raajmahal palace

There is a money temple named Galtaji monkey temple in Jaipur, situated 10 km from Jaipur 

Hawa Mahal is the face of Jaipur. It is a palace of winds. There are 953 windows in Hawa mahal. It is an iconic place in Jaipur to visit

Jaipur hosts the world's largest literary fest every year, name Jaipur literature festival. It was first held in 2006; it is attended by authors, poets, and artists from all over the world