What are Microblogging sites | Top Ten Micro-blogging sites

What are Microblogging sites

What are microblogging sites

Micro blogging is sharing short or smaller content online in the form of text, video, or images on micro blogging sites. When compared with traditional blogging, its quick, informal way of content sharing with the internet or with followers. That’s what makes it popular as the content size is smaller in size and quick in nature. You don’t need to be a professional blogger to share your thoughts with the internet.

You can call them a micro post. In the form of a micro post, you can share your thoughts with your audience. Things that you can share can be like “what you are eating” “where you are traveling,” “ any weblink,” and similar stuff. Twitter is one of the great examples of micro-blogging sites.

Micro-blogs are a mixture of instant messaging and blogging as in the form of short text, videos or images. you can post micro post on these microblogging sites

Here in this post, we are going to list some of the best micro-blogging websites for 2020 which you can check for microblogging

Importance of micro-blogging sites

  • You don’t need much time to create content for the micro-blogging site
  • You can gain followers which you can later divert them to your site
  • Quick so you can use it to share urgent messages to notify your users
  • Some of them can help in off-page SEO as they provide backlinks when you put URL on their profile page
  • You can give your opinion or voice on recent trends which then becomes your statement on any issue
  • You can connect with a politician, celebrity through microblogging sites like twitter

Top Ten Microblogging sites

  1. Twitter – the most popular micro-blogging site and social media site. You can post 280 character messages in the form of text, which here called a tweet. You can also share site links, images & videos here on twitter. Twitter often called an SMS of the internet.
  2. Pinterest.com- Founded in 2009 social media & app company Pinterest allows images, videos, gif on their site with the motive of saving and discovery of web content. With Pinterest, you can pin any content from the web or from Pinterest existing pins and boards for later read. It is a basically “catalog of ideas” according to there CEO Ben Silbermann
  3. Tumbler- it allows posting images, text, video, audio, and links. It’s a social media & micro-blogging site. You can make a private as well as public blog here. This site owned by automatic its the same company that founded WordPress.
  4. Reddit- its not just a micro-blogging site you can find here aggregated news, rated web content & discussion. It allows text, images, links which community at Reddit vote up or down later.
  5. Plurk- Founded in 2009 it’s a micro-blogging & social media site. It allows 360 text characters for a text message with links. Most of its traffic comes from Taiwan. Its headquarters is also in Taiwan. What you post on twitter known as tweets here they say it plurks
Top Ten Microblogging sites

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