12 Best WordPress comments plugin for your blog

Comments are an important part of any blog. A full list of beautiful comments not only glows your blog but also increase the engagement. Installing a comment plugin for WordPress will organize the entire comment section in a beautiful manner. Therefore, we have gathered a list by which you can select the best WordPress comments plugin,


Why need comments plugin?

Without a doubt, the native inbuilt plugin provided by WordPress is one of the best comment systems to use. However, to expand more features and to extend the functionality of the current native comment system. There are several plugins you can use. Moreover, using the plugins as extras will be helpful in the following ways,

Engagement: The one main reason you need the best WordPress comments plugin is to increase the engagement of the user

More options: The native comment section does not have the upvote and downvote button. Using plugins, you can add those

SEO and Structured data: Using the plugins, you can set the nested comment in a beautiful manner

Social Login: Allow your user to comment using their social network profile without providing their email address

Customization: Restrict users to comment within a specific limit or set minimum character they need to enter in order to drop a comment.


List of 12 Best WordPress comments plugin for your site


1 Thrive comments

You might be knowing Thrive from our Premium theme provider list. Thrive comments is another amazing creation. It is the best WordPress comments plugin you can use on your WordPress website. The thrive comment can be integrated with the native WordPress comment section to provide an amazing User interface. Moreover, it increases engagement by showing the most helpful comment according to the user vote. Moreover, Your old comments won’t go anywhere but will continue to show in the new comment UI.


  • First of all, it is Easy to integrate
  • Users can Upvote and downvote
  • Custom messages and badges
  • Social Login feature also available
  • Above all, your old comments will be shown here

Price: $39 for a single website


2 Native comments + No self-pings

No, it is not a plugin. The inbuilt comments given by WordPress are also the best option to go with. You don’t need any extra plugin to decorate. WordPress inbuilt plugin system pretty much does all the work you need.

However, you might have noticed something. Whenever you link any of article or someone else links to your article. You might have seen trackbacks in the comment section. It is called pings. By default, WordPress notices you whenever someone links to your blog. It is quite irritating sometimes when you have a lot of posts. Therefore, you can Install no self-pings. The plugin removes all the internal linking pings just by installing. Also, it is a lightweight and free plugin.


  • Beautiful native comments
  • No internal linking message (trackbacks)
  • Once you install no self-pings, you can manually exclude the domain name by going to settings > discussion.
  • Does not affect the loading speed

Price: Free


3 Jetpack comments

No matter when you have installed WordPress, you will definitely have heard about Jetpack. It is one of the famous plugins where you can see the stats, traffic, and have various other features. The same plugin provides a feature which is the best alternative to any of the best WordPress comments plugin. You can go to jetpack>discussion and set the options from there.


  • Social Login options along with the name, email, and website option
  • Also, No need to install extra plugins other than Jetpack

Price: Free (You can use pro version for extra features)


Comments – wpDiscuz

If you have been blogging for a long time, you might have heard about the Disqus comment section. Wpdisquz is similar comment system to Disqus, but by using the plugin you can customize it more. It is AJAX real-time comment plugins which make commenting more easier and better.

The best WordPress comments plugin can also be integrated with all the other plugins such as Akismet, WordPress zero spam, and WPBruiser. Moreover, they have various add-ons you can install along with it to extend the functionality of the plugin.


  • Custom fields
  • “Load more comments” button to directly load more comments using AJAX
  • Nested comments and threaded comments
  • Sticky comments
  • Voting system
  • Gravitor caching
  • Subscribe option

Price: Free, you need to pay for add-ons



5 Replayable

Replayable is the new plugin built by Postmatic (postmatic was the older version of Replayable). The plugin makes the comment subscription easy and fast. It claims to the best WordPress comments plugin for easier comment subscription, comment management, and comment conversation. Moreover, it is one of the smart plugins where you as well your user can manage the entire comment section by simple email commands.


  • Full email notification
  • Smart replies
  • Auto pause the subscription of there are too many comments
  • Auto-adapts features from the current theme
  • Above all, simple email commands for authors to moderate and manage any comments.

Price: Free, for add-ons you need to take their membership starting at $2.99 a month.

(They do offer a trial for 30 days to test their plugin)


6 Commentluv

As a blogger, you might be familiar with this comment system. Commentluv automatically adds the latest post from the commenter’s blog. It is considered as one of the most engaging comments plugin. If you are looking to increase your email list and have a large number of comments, this plugin is for you.

The reason this plugin attracts many comments is, most of the bloggers just comment on your blog to get a backlink. Commentluv adds a do-follow link to their blog. Some of the tools to check backlinks like Ahref will show your blog for comments. Hence, you will get more comments and the bloggers who are commenting on your blog will get a backlink. You can use this plugin to increase the relationship with fellow bloggers. It not only increases the comments on your blog, but you can build community with this. There are many bloggers and SEO Experts searching for Commentluv blogs to comments. The best part is they will not directly comment but will read the entire blog post to comment more effectively.


  • First of all, it is useful to increase comments
  • Best plugin if you want to build a relationship with fellow bloggers and webmasters from the same niche
  • You can also build a community
  • Above all, The people who visit your blog are professional bloggers, there is a good chance they might link to your blog if they like your article.

Price: Free


7 Graphcomment

Graphcomment is another choice you can make if you want a better comment system rather than a native one. Your visitors can comment using the native system as well as the plugin adds some of the other features. Those features include social login and the comments are organized in a better-structured data which makes it easy for users to subscribe to any comments hassle free.

Moreover, they have all the basic comment features such as voting system, SEO-Friendly structured data etc. Along with this, they have word filtering and you can enable total views.


  • It is Multilanguage
  • It set Structured data
  • The plugin makes the comment section more SEO Friendly
  • A user can log in using the social networks to comment on the blog
  • User can upvote or downvote the comment.


Price: Free


8 Lazy loads for comments

If you are the one who just wants the automatic loading with the inbuilt comments lazy loads for comments is for you. It improves page loading speed and along with this it helps to reduce HTTP. Moreover, It is translation ready and is developer friendly.


  • It can reduce the number of HTTP request
  • It Lazy loads comments and Gravatars
  • Translation ready and genesis support

Price: Free


9 Yoast comment hacks

Yoast comment hacks are the best WordPress comments plugin made by Yoast team which can be used to add some extra tweaks to make some changes. You can use this plugin to make the comment system clear and more understanding. Moreover, the plugin lets you change the length of the comments, remove unnecessary information from the admin email, allow or disallow links in the email, as well as helps you set a comment redirect page. If someone comments on your website for the first time, you can redirect them to a thank you page and ask them to subscribe to your blog. In this way, you can make a great first impression on your visitor.


  • It shows clear emails on the admin side, which just removes all the other unnecessary things you are seeing
  • Redirect comments to thank you page
  • You can restrict your user to a certain limit. For instance, you can set minimum comment length to 15 and remove all the simple comments such as “amazing post”, “nice”, etc.

Price: Free


10 Simple comment editing

If you are fed up of the same kind of comments seen in the comment box daily. Many users find a mistake once they submit the comment, simple comment editing just adds one simple “Edit” option which they can use to edit their own comments. Obviously, the plugin only allows the user to change their comment 5 times. If they allow more than that, it might cause some of the serious problems.

Just think yourself, till date how many times it has happened to you when you submit the comment, you immediately come to know about a typing mistake in your comment? Don’t let the same happen to your users. Install Simple comment editing to ensure they can edit the comments whenever they want.


  • Integrates with native WordPress comments
  • Provides edit option from which user can edit their comments up to 5 times
  • you can set a timer for editing comments. Moreover, you can hide or show it according to your preferences.

Price: Free


11 Comment Popularity

If you are the one who likes the native comments by WordPress but also wants upvote feature, Comment Popularity is the best WordPress comments plugin for you. It adds the comment upvote and downvote feature in the native comment box of WordPress. Moreover, the comment with the top upvotes will be shown on the top while the one with the more downvote will be at the last. In this way, you can only show the best comments to your users.


  • Set level to attribute more weight to the comments. For instance, Admin’s comment can be set as high level which will show more weight to the comment
  • Integrate with the native system and is also a lightweight plugin


12 WPBruiser {no-Captcha anti-Spam}

Wpbruiser is not particularly the comments plugin. It is the anti-spam and security plugin which can be easily integrated with native comments of WordPress. To stops spam comments without asking for any type of captcha verification, this plugin can be used. Moreover, the plugin not only for comments. It is all in one plugin which stops the spam from anywhere. The same can also be used on the comments to avoid spam and bots comments.


  • The plugin can be used for every form on your blog
  • Prevents spam and bots
  • Increases security
  • Moreover, it can be integrated with the inbuilt comments

Price: Free




To conclude, these are the best comments plugin you can use to increase the engagement of your user and to increase the look and feel of your WordPress website. If your blog does not have more amount of views, our suggestion will go to native comments. You can just add some of the best WordPress comments plugins which is used along with the native comment section.

However if you use any other comment plugins other than this, make sure your website loading speed does not decrease. As some of the plugins use CSS and javascript file which may take more time to load. Hence, your website speed may decrease.

No matter which comment plugin you use, make sure you reply to each and every comment on your blog to make them visit again. It will also create engagement. Hence your visitors are likely to visit your blog again if you reply to them.

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