10 Best WordPress Migration Plugins Reviewed and Compared In 2023

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Installing WordPress is now a piece of cake. You can easily set up WordPress, install plugins and themes, and later customize it, but what if you want to migrate your WordPress to a New Domain name or a new host.

This can be a lengthy process sometimes, especially for beginners.

Therefore, to make the whole process easy and fast, we have gathered the  Best WordPress Migration Plugins you can use to migrate your WordPress blog.

Note: Before going on to the list of Best WordPress Migration Plugins. Do save one copy of your website on local storage.

Just in case something goes wrong, with the online backup, you can still update your website with a local copy, and your website won’t disappear overnight.

Moreover, never overwrite backup for any installations for which you do not have an alternate backup such as Cpanel.

Lastly, if you have a big website with more than 2 GB of data, consider using the paid option.

Free ones will use more CPU, and there may be some downtime which you can’t afford being a giant.

10 Best WordPress Migration Plugins Reviewed and Compared

#1 Duplicator – WordPress migration plugin

Duplicator is one of the Best WordPress Migration Plugins. The plugin has more than 25 Million downloads with 4.9 stars rating out of 5.

This makes it the best plugin for WordPress Migration.

With Duplicator, you can easily transfer your WordPress website to a new domain or a  new host. Moreover, you can easily upload the WordPress website from Localhost to live or vice-versa.

You can easily transfer any website with Zero Downtime.

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The plugin is free to use; however, a pro version is available to access more features.

The personal license costs you $69 with a usage limitation of three websites. With pro version, you can schedule backups and save them in cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

The pro version gives you priority support and much more. Moreover, you can connect the pro version of the plugin directly to the Cpanel and get Email Notifications.

Bottom Line: This is one of the best plugins and the first on the list. The free version allows you to migrate the website, but the pro version has many more features with affordable pricing.

#2 Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is the second-best popular plugin for WordPress Migration and backup.

There are many free features available in the free version.

if you still want more features, then this plugin has a pro version which offers advanced features

The backup, restore, and cloud storage options are accessible in the free version itself. You can also schedule your backup whenever you want, such as daily, monthly, etc.

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However, to access more features such as Migration, Encryption and to unlock more cloud storage destinations, you have to pay a little.

You can easily backup your entire WordPress with a single click and either save it online or download it.

You have to do the restoration manually for migration in the free version. If you want everything done by the plugin itself, you should consider going for Updraft Premium.

The price starts at $70 a year.

You can use it on two websites with all the add-ons unlocked.

You get free 1 GB of vault storage.

Bottom Line: This plugin can perform a backup, restoration, automatic backup, and many more with the pro version. You should consider this if you want more backup and restore options.

#3 All in one WordPress Migration Plugin

As the name of the plugin says, it is the all-in-one WordPress migration Plugin for backup and migrating your website.

The plugin is free to use, another reason the plugin is on the top of the best WordPress Migration Plugins list.

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You can quickly backup, restore, and migrate entire WordPress to a new host, server or new domain.

The all-in-one, WordPress migration plugin, makes it super easy to migrate any WordPress website.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to do the process.

The plugin supports almost every host, and there are number of cloud storage options available to choose from.

There is an option to replace strings while transferring the database. You can add unlimited strings to replace in the free version also.

However, some of the extensions are paid. You need to pay a small fee to unlock those.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a free plugin with cloud storage, this one is definitely the best you cloud install. Even without the extensions, this plugin is the best.

#4 VaultPress

If you have a tremendous website or a large amount of data on your WordPress website, you should go with VaultPress.

For the huge website, VaultPress is one of the  Best WordPress Migration Plugins to go with.

Automattic develops it. The same owner as of WordPress and Jetpack. VaultPress is now a part of the jetpack.

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VaultPress is not only the backup plugin but also the best plugin for Security.

You can take real-time daily backups with the automatic restore feature. The free version allows you basic backup options.

Moreover, you can spend only $39 per year to get the premium version by which you will access all the features.

Bottom Line: The plugin is Good for people who want everything integrated into a single place (as this comes with jetpack).

This plugin is the best choice for websites with massive data or those looking for a standalone migrator.

#5 Wp Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB is the next plugin in the best WordPress Migration plugins list. The plugin backs up your WordPress database as a Mysql dump, and in this way, you can perform a backup of your database.

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The free plugin is available in the official WordPress directory, and you can easily install and run it from there.

The plugin also allows you to perform a replacement query in your database. You can easily replace a certain amount of text or string using the free version of the plugin.

However, you must get the pro version of the plugin to find and replace the serialized data.

The pro version has many other features; you can select which tables to back up, and by this, you can remove useless data to save some space in your local storage.

Also, you can Push and pull your databases using the pro version of the plugin. The pro version will cost you $99.

Bottom Line: The plugin good for people who work with the database more often. This plugin is not recommended for bloggers and people who don’t have much direct DB usage.

#6  Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru is another best plugin to clone a WordPress website to a different domain or transfer the website to a new host.

The plugin is entirely free and has various features to backup, restore, and clone WordPress Installation.

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It allows multi-site as well as you can transfer big websites with a file size of 200 GB or so.

These features are not available in most of the free plugins, but this plugin makes all these features available for free.

Moreover, there are other amazing features. It automatically rewrites URLs, bypasses import-export scripts, and can also handle serialized data. Along with all these features, you can easily clone WordPress without any extra extension or add-on.

It claims to clone 1 GB WordPress website in less than 30 minutes, making it super fast. Everything is done automatically without any manual work.

Bottom Line: It is free and one of the best WordPress Migration Plugins.

#7 BackupBuddy

Backup Buddy is the plugin by iThemes and provides various options for Smart backup.

You can easily take partial backup or full backup using a backup buddy.

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You can easily pull or push data from a staging website to the live website and vice-versa. The smart backup allows you to create various profiles for backup.

With the latest version, you can now backup only media, themes, files, and plugins, or you can do a complete backup of your WordPress Installation.

This is beneficial for the people who just want to change certain website content and keep the rest of the website as it is.

The only disadvantage or drawback of the plugin is that there is no free version.

The price starts at $80, which can only backup one website, which is pretty disappointing.

However, this plugin is on the list due to the smart backup option.

Bottom Line: It is a bit costly when compared to other plugins, but it is a good choice if you want some particular content to be backed up regularly.

#8 Super Backup & Clone

Super Backup and Clone is another migration, backup, and clone plugin. The plugin can back up your website regularly as per the interval you set.

It is one of the few best WordPress migration plugins which allows you to take backup every hour. You can set the time interval as every hour, daily or monthly.

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You can sync your backup data with the cloud. There are various cloud-saving options, such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Onedrive, etc.

Multi-site is supported, and you can opt for Email notification.

Super Backup and Clone is available on CodeCanyon. However, there is no free version available to try.

You can download it as per the license of CodeCanyon. The regular license will cost you $35 for a single website.

Bottom Line: It is a good tool for an affordable price.

#9 WP Backitup

The second last in the list of Best WordPress migration plugins is WP Backitup.

It goes by the name “Backup and Restore WordPress – Backup Plugin” on the WordPress plugin directory.

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The best thing about this plugin is that it does not have any big configuration. It is an easy one-click use plugin.

You can easily backup your WordPress installation for free with just one click from your WordPress dashboard.

The best part is they provide support for free version also.

There is a paid version available for more features. You can restore the installation with one click on the paid version.

Moreover, you can access features like automated scheduling for backups and Priority support, and you can clone your website for testing or staging purposes.

Bottom Line: It is the best plug and plays plugin for those who don’t want to deal with the configuration and wants to do things quickly.

#10 WP Clone by WP Academy

Wp Clone is the easiest and the most secure way of backing up WordPress. You can easily take a backup with a few clicks and restore it whenever you want.

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They have not been tested since the last 3 major updates of WordPress. It cannot back up large size websites. Also, there is no support or disclaimer provided.

The plugin is on the list because it works pretty well for small websites. So, when there are no options, you can try this one.

Bottom Line: The plugin was last updated 8 months ago, So you should only consider it if there is a problem with the above mention plugins.


To summarize, you can use any of these best WordPress migration plugins. All of them are best in their own way.

I suggest using free plugins if you just want to backup once a month or so. You should go accordingly if you want the regular backup to be stored on your favourite cloud storage.

Some plugins like Updraftplus and all-in-one Wp migration also provide free scheduled backups on cloud storage.

If you are a blogger and just want a backup of your blog for safety, you should try free plugins first.

However, you can upgrade to paid anytime if the plugin does not fit your needs.

Let us know in the comment section if we missed any of the best WordPress migration plugins.

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