WordPress vs Blogger – The battle of blogs

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It does not matter how much made up your mind is, the task of choosing a particular blogging platform is always hard. WordPress vs blogger question always remain there.

With so many blogging platforms around, giving away so many free schemes; it is quite hard to gather which platform is going to be best for your genre, isn’t it? However, if you can sum up the whole blogging platform options on the internet, you will only find two platforms which are giving a tough fight for the number one position and most of us start comparing  WordPress to Blogger  or vice versa

Although it cannot be said that this is quite a WordPress vs Blogger fight, the users have made it look like it.

The long-lasting debate between the most popular WordPress vs Blogger is not ever going to settle because both of these platforms are quite powerful in their position. The balance of their pros and cons are always on edge, and it is hard for a beginner to decide which one to choose in a glance. So, why not we help you out a little?

WordPress vs Blogger

However, before we can start the debate between wordpress vs blogger, we should know a little about them first. As we have all known that both these are a blog platform and welcome people to write blogs in them. However, WordPress is somewhat a self-hosted blogging platform, and it has another version of WordPress.com as well.

Wordpress vs Blogger

On the other hand, Blogger is a Google-owned blogging platform that allows the users to write on. Google hosts all the blogs on Blogger, and it is accessed from another sub-domain named Blogger.com.

WordPress vs Blogger – which one to choose?

The above mentioned question wordpress vs blogger is neither a one-liner answer not it can be resolved over the detailed discussion. Both the platforms, i.e., WordPress and Blogger, have its own sets of features, pros, and cons list that appears appealing to different people.

Still, we are here to make a fair comparison that will help you delay your dilemma and make you choose a platform quite efficiently. Let us have a look.


The self-hosted blogging platform of WordPress.org surely comes first on mind while you are on the subject of choosing the right place to start your blogs from. With a controlling power over 31% of the web, Wordpres.org has many features and long pros and cons list that will help to clear out any doubts on the minds of the young bloggers. Have a look at it.

WordPress.com_ Create a Free Website or Blog

Features of WordPress.org

  • Simplicity 

One of the best features of WordPress is that it is simple. The layout and the user interface of this platform are smooth, and you do not have to stumble upon their customer service now and then.

  • Flexibility

The flexibility of WordPress is another greatest features of this blogging platform. With the help of WordPress, you can start a blog or any other website such as a photoblog, a professional portfolio site, any website, etc. Thus, the compatibility of WordPress is not only limited to blogs.

  • Easy publishing system

Another great feature of WordPress is that you can publish content on your blog or website with just one click. Apart from that, you can schedule your posts and format them as you want.

  • User and Media Management

Another reason why everyone picks out WordPress is that of the excellent User and Media management. WordPress involves many contributors who look after your website or blog; thus you do not have to worry about a thing.

  • Easy themes

The one thing that every blogger crave is the exotic theme for their blogs. Moreover, WordPress surely wins in that round. WordPress.org provides the users with different free themes. These themes help to brighten out the blogs; especially for the beginners.

  • Plugins

Moreover, if you are not happy having free themes on your WordPress, you can always avail any Plugins. To install plugins in WordPress, you do not need any special kind of permission. The easy installation of the Plugins is another reason why most of the amateurs use this platform.

WordPress Plugins _ WordPress.org

  • SEO and Built-in comments

Also, WordPress is perfectly SEO friendly, and it has many SEO tools that will take care of your SEO steps everywhere. Apart from the SEO thing, the built-in comments of WordPress is another feature that helps to engage lots of audience to the blogs.

  • Multilingual

This might not be an important topic, but WordPress is compatible with 70 different languages. Moreover, you can soon find your native language upon the WordPress.

  • Easy installation

Moreover, apart from all the qualities mentioned above, WordPress.org has an easy installation and upgrade system that do not bug the users around.

Download _ WordPress.org

Advantages and disadvantages of wordpress

It does not matter how long the list of features goes, WordPress has many cons along with some great advantages. Let us have a look.


  • Open source platform
  • Cheap and low cost for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Free themes
  • Multi-languages are available
  • Search Engine Optimisation benefits are available
  • Regular updates
  • Smooth performance
  • an eCommerce site can be regulated


  • Security Flaws
  • Lots of updates which may start bugging you
  • Limited permission
  • Lots of E-commerce limitations
  • The custom layouts of WordPress is quite hard to use


If WordPress has any big competitions on the market right now, it would Blogger. This Google-owned platform is surely one of the best blogging platforms out there. Along with many different features, Blogger has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look.

Blogger.com - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free.

Features of blogger

  • Simple interface

Blogger has quite a simple interface that does not need an experienced hand to handle it. It has its spell check facility which quite adds up to its features. Also, Blogger saves your write-ups immediately.

  • Free and easy

Also, Blogger’s most of the features are perfectly free. You do not have to shed a penny unless you are going for something big and professional for your blog. Moreover, if you want to host your blog, you can do it for free on BlogSpot.com as well.

  • Customised designs

Another great feature of Blogger is that it has its customized designs; thus you can decorate your blog according to your taste easily. From choosing

Free background images to free themes, Blogger lets you add your Ads as well.

  • One ID

You can use Blogger’s all fancy features with just one ID. Blogger do not need different ID for the blog and different ID for Website. You can open one account and manage everything together easily.

  • Community build up

This is Blogger’s whole new feature for the interested users. Along with opening blogs and websites, Blogger is now offering you to open your community; thus making the whole marketing thing quite easy.

  • Multilingual

Not many people might know it, but Blogger is now available in 41 different languages. Thus, if you do not feel opening your blog in English, you can choose any other language from the list of Blogger.

  • Notification

Blogger now provides ‘new post notification’ system to the readers; thus by clicking this one notification, your readers will get daily updates of your blog. Also, it provides some of the great email marketing tools as well which makes the marketing thing go easier.

  • Leave comment section

Last but not the least, Blogger has provided its users with the comment section which helps all the readers to interact with the authors easily. It has also made leaving feedback quite easier.

Advantages and disadvantages of Blogger

It does not matter how many features do Blogger has; it has many cons along with some great pros list. Let us have a look here.


  • Blogger is free on BlogSpot.com sub-domain
  • Simplicity; thus easy to use
  • Perfectly focused on blogging
  • Blogger has an amazing Google integration
  • Smooth performance and amazing speed


  • Poor customer service that does not leave you with many options
  • Zero product versatility
  • Limited design and customization system. Sometimes the customizations are quite hard to alter
  • Not all the features of Blogger is up to date
  • Not great for SEO purpose

WordPress vs Blogger – the Ultimate Comparison

Now that we have given comprehensive details of both of these platforms, it is the time to mix them up and compare properly lets start real wordpress vs blogger. However, it might not be easy for beginners to differentiate the points of comparison from the above list of pros and cons. Thus, here it is.

  • Ownership

In the case of Blogger, you do not own your data. As Blogger is a Google-owned platform, all your data and other information are completely owned by Google only. Thus, it is not a self-hosted platform, unlike WordPress. Moreover, as Google runs your website, it has the right to shut it down or close it anytime it deems so.

But, this is not the case with WordPress. WordPress is a self-hosted platform where you are the ultimate owner of your blog or websites. You own all the data, and you only have the ultimate right to close or shut down your blog or website.

  • Control

From the perspective of control, Blogger is a fine-tuned service, and it runs quite smoothly. However, the controls are quite limited, and it can be extended up to a certain limit only. You cannot extend them limitlessly.

WordPress is an open-source platform; it is limitless. It does let you control everything, and its limits cannot bind you. You can extend WordPress for many new features which might not be possible for Blogger.

  • Appearance

Blogger provides you with many free wallpaper and themes, but all these are limited unless you pay for more. There cannot be a flow of unlimited themes or background images for your website or blog.

However, WordPress has an amazing system of providing unlimited free themes and templates for your blogs or websites. You do not have to think about the limitation, and all the themes of WordPress are unique as well.

  • Portability

It is not easy to move all your data or website from Blogger to another platform. It provides you with many restrictions which are quite frustrating for beginners or professionals.

However, WordPress does not put a restriction on portability, and you can move your website or blogs to any other platform as you wish. It does not need any extra charge as well.

  • Security

As Google completely owns blogger, the security system of Blogger is quite amazing, and you do not have to worry about a hack.

It is true that WordPress has quite a reliable security system, but it is not always full proof.

  • Updates and future

Blogger might still be an up and running service of Google, but it has not seen any updates for a long time. Google has a history of killing its services with no updates, and it is feared that Blogger might be one of them.

As WordPress is not owned by any individual, the future and updates of this platform do not depend on any individual particularly. Thus, all the updates and solutions of WordPress is still running quite smoothly.

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Conclusion :

From above discussion about wordpress vs blogger, it is quite clear that WordPress is always a better solution if you are planning for a long term. Blogger might be free and provides a short-term blogging goal, but it is not it. Apart from tight security, all the features of WordPress outrun that of Blogger easily. Thus, if you are planning on opening a blog and a website, WordPress will always be the better option available to you. Thus it is proven that the most popular choice never lies. So, if you are on the verge of opening your world of writing, you know which one to choose. Happy Blogging!

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